Winner’s Circle- a horse racing board game

Taking inspiration from horse racing, the human have created many games to make closer and convenient for fan of horse racing. Among other kind of horse racing, we will review about Winner Circle game which is one of the most popular horse racing board games in 2019.

Winner’s circle is also called with another name as Royal Turf. It is designed graphics by Reiner Knizia and published by Face 2 Face Games which owns many famous games for smartphone and PC. You can collect a team about 2-6 people and up to ages 8 then starts this game easily.

How to play it

There are total seven horses for one racing. The goal of game is to collect and earn more and more money then you become a winner. Players will secretly place bets on one horse which they think it can reach winning before beginning of the game. To choose the best horse, it depends on your evaluation about ability of horse as well your luck when choosing correct position of a die.

When it has a signal, player will roll a die and choose a horse following the resulting from a die. It affects to difference of the track of other horses on racing. Per choosing wisely can be a key to decide position of your dominated horse and others, so you should calculate carefully before rolling it. This game requires a little carefulness and accuracy from players.

The total time of this game is maximum 60 minutes. Then time’s up, the system will automatically count points and give final result on the screen after some minutes for waiting.

Paying out and end of the game

Players who place bets on accurate horse will become winners and receive rewards. After public result, the payout table will appear in the center of screen. It shows the number of winning bets for winner detail and end of the game in this turn.