What do you know about wild horses? (Part 2)

The most breeding and purebred horse in the world.

They are pregoaski, a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horses native to the Central Asian steppes, especially Mongolia. Once considered extinct, the pregoaski has been reintroduced into the wild Khustain Nuruu National Park, Takhin Tal Nature Reserve and Khomiin Tal Nature Reserve.

Currently pregoaski horses exist in the ancient bronze deserts of western Mongolia. This horse has a weight from 200 to 300kg. It is also the longest herbivore with grazing time in the day exceeding 12 hours. Many conservation experts value pregoaski horses for their excellent cold and heat resistance and their relatively good running speed: 60km / h.

Pregoaski horses used to be distributed in Europe (Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine and Russia), Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. The pregoaski was named after the Russian geographer, General Nikolai Przhevalsky, when he arrived in western Mongolia in 1879 and discovered the horse before it was introduced to Europe. In addition, pregoaski is also known by other names as Asian wild horse or Mongolian wild horse.

Interestingly, however, the pregoaski appeared more than 20,000 years ago and was the most used horse in battle. The pregoaski is the horse used by the Mongols to conquer European countries and invade Vietnam in the past. The pregoaski horse was also used for hunting purposes and was a symbol of the mighty and arrogance of Asian warriors in ancient, medieval and modern times. This horse has a relatively long lifespan, from 20-25 years.

Although the number of pregoaski that exist in the predominantly Mongolian wild is just over 300 individuals, the pregoaski has been and is currently the most bred and domesticated species in the world. But this also puts pressure on individuals to survive in the wild alongside other threats such as hunting, habitat degradation and domestic horse development. Pregoaski horses are on CITES Appendix and are strictly prohibited from international trade for commercial purposes.