What are the details on horse racing betting?

The bet, Horse Racing, is currently a bet based on the odds offered by the house owner at horse racing events. So what exactly is horse racing betting and why is there a betting game.

What does horse racing mean?

Horse Racing betting is a form of players betting on the odds offered by the house at the races in the Horse Racing.

These racetracks are present all over the world, so horse races take place continuously at many intervals of each day, but are most concentrated in the evening, when the racetrack in the UK be put into operation.

Why choose Horse Racing betting?

This horse racing sport is very popular and popular in the UK and around the world. “Purebred” breeds run very fast and are popularly bred. Some of them have been trained to participate in horse racing competitions at many racetrack in England as well as around the world.

Horse racing today is quite attractive to players, easy to understand to participate in betting. The horses participating in the race are closely supervised by the racetrack, avoiding frauds arranged results. With fierce competition as well as the popularity and transparency of the game.

Horse Racing betting odds are common

Just a few minutes, with a horse race finished pretty fast. This horse racing odds will be pretty soon, quickly updated until the horses get in the stables and run. We mainly consider betting odds before the race starts.

Item Fixed Odds

Single bets

When you choose a horse will win the race. Normally, we will choose a horse which is the same as the location of the stall number of horses.

If the player does not select Each Way (E/W), betting will merely depend on the inclusion of one betting unit. When a horse is selected to not finish first, the player is forced to lose the bet.

In the event that the player chooses Each Way (E/W), the bet will double 2, because when the two sides bet.

Once the horse has just chosen to win the race (in first place).

Once the horse’s door has been selected from second to first place.

The E/W code has been divided into two halves, a unit that bets on E/W Single – Win Part (the bet for the horse to be chosen first). The ratio of this rafters is 6.50.

Once another betting unit bets on the E/W Single – Place Part (bet the horse is chosen for her, second or best). This rate of rafters is lower.

Therefore, the horse results in the first bet, where we win both units in E/W.

If a horse is selected for second or third place, the player wins a unit on the Place (E/W Single – Place Part).

If the horse does not finish first or second, the E/W bet will lose completely.


Choose 2 horses to finish first and second in a straight line, or regardless of the order (Quinella), or a combination bet (Combination Forecast).