Types of Horse Races in the UK

For those individuals who are just starting to show an interest in the sport of horse racing, they will soon discover that there are different types of racing. Most soon form a favourite after they have had a chance to see each of them.

Flat Racing

Most often, the first horse race which anyone gets to enjoy is a flat race. This is because it is classed as the most popular. The name of the race is defined by the surface on which it takes place, which is a flat level course on a track. The distance for these races usually ranges between one and three miles. There can be variances in the flat races depending on the country where they are being held. For example, in Great Britain, as well as Europe, they have two classifications, which are condition racing and handicap racing. This pertains to certain conditions of a race or an aspect of the horse such as their age or sex.

Jump Racing

Most commonly known as the National Hunt. This is an event which is a lot different compared to the flat races. In these races, the horses not only need speed but the ability to be able to jump and clear obstacles. Sometimes these races are called steeplechasing. The two main divisions for this type of race are hurdles and steeplechases.

For hurdle racing, the horse and jockey must clear hurdles. In the steeplechase, the horse and jockey clear obstacles such as open ditches and small bodies of water.

Harness Racing

This is another top-rated horse racing event. Here, the horses have to take the weight of the jockey, as well as the sulky, which is a small open carriage. The trick to this race is that the horse has to race without breaking stride.