Top 7 most popular 3D online horse racing (Part 2)

Horse Academy 3D

Horse Academy has extremely vivid 3D graphics that will definitely take you to the most beautiful races in the world. You will be riding on your favorite horse to enter the most fierce competitions. Balance the horse’s running speed, don’t let it run too fast or it will lose strength at the end of the track.

Horse Academy attracts players with eye-catching graphics

Above are the top 7 most popular 3D horse racing games today that we  send to you . Hope this article will provide you with lots of useful information. Wish you will be the first to finish and become a talented race driver.

Horse Racing

Before considering this dramatic 3d horse racing game, you can also consider the horse racing game , the drama is no less than Horse Racing.

It would be a pity to mention the 3D horse racing games without the name Horse Racing. Horse Racing will be a place for you to train yourself many necessary skills before entering the most prestigious tournaments. Here players can practice with themselves 3 skills of a professional horse rider need. These are: Find out the capacity of the types of horses you will ride; Take control of the horse’s running speed and obstacle avoidance techniques.

Horse Racing & Betting Game

Horse Racing & Betting Game gives you a feeling of great thrill before the thrilling race. You must overcome your opponents skillfully to win and earn lots of coins. Horse Racing & Betting attracts players with beautiful graphics, realistic sound and images. Especially, there is a difficult jury to score each race. In each round, players will have to spend a certain amount of money. If the player wins, the player will receive an amount many times the original amount.