The legend of unicorns you should know (Part 2)

Somewhere in the middle of the cold, deep blue ocean on the North Pole of the Earth, there is still a strange creature with a protruding spine turning the water.

It is not easy to see them between the North Sea and now only very little is known about this strange but real creature. And perhaps a long time ago, it was the origin of the legend of the unicorn legends.

It is believed that this beautiful creature shaped like a horse must have existed somewhere far and long ago. For the early humans, these creatures were not ordinary species. The scene of unicorn appear in the legend is often very beautiful places: the empty forest patches, where there are murmuring fountains and blooming spring flowers, sparkling aura or sometimes in the middle of the wings Amazingly beautiful autumn forest.

According to legend, the unicorn is a resilient, fearless, agile and powerful creature. Its bravery challenges all the bravest hunters and its agility makes them always fail. Only pure white girls can approach and ride the unicorn.

In an ancient poem, it is said that this mythical creature disappears from the human world because humanity has made it worse and worse by greed, jealousy. The mystery of it is a miracle, like a rainbow, no one can catch. A legend is like a sweet song that goes on and on overtime.

Today, the unicorn has great meaning in the life of the Scottish people. Not only does it appear gorgeous in children’s rooms or on colorful cereal boxes, but it is also brought into movies, animation, fashion and social networks. J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter novel is also inspired by many real locations in Edinburgh, which show details of unicorn blood and feathers.

A bridge between fantasy and reality, this animal is printed and engraved on badges, gold coins, royal seals, tapestries, robes and even monuments. Among Edinburgh architecture such as the Holyroodhouse palace, Edinburgh castle, Craigmillar castle and St Giles church, unicorns are very popular. To the west of the capital, to Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Queen Mary, you can see the unicorns appearing at the well-preserved fountain and ceiling.

At Stirling Castle, the mythical creature is placed at the center of the detailed carpets. The seven carpets here are hand-woven, imitating Unicorn Tapestries, one of the most valuable artwork in the late Middle Ages (the prototype is on display at the Met Cloisters Museum, New York, USA).