The famous horses in the game (Part 2)

Death – Red dead redemption (DLC Undead nightmare version)

Special abilities: Fast like Ferrari, strong as Range Rover

Death is the most famous of the “Four horses of Apocalypse” warriors that appear in Undead nightmare – the zombie-themed DLC of Red dead redemption. Of course, the name Death pit is not for fun, as this horse can gallop at extremely high speed, crashing into zombies and making them explode.

Argo – Shadow of the Colossus

Special ability: Flexible, fast, loyal

Argo is very easy to become the most loyal horse in the game world. As far as other mounts choose to tame mighty masters, Argo submits to a weak and “foolish” guy, steals a legendary sword, gropes into a strange land, goes Follow a mysterious call to find and destroy 16 giant Colossi monsters. This is probably the most diligent horse when having to constantly run along with its owner in an extremely large world, while the clue to finding the target is extremely few.

Shadowmere – Game series The elder scrolls

Special ability: Super fast healing, the king climbs the pass

Born from a dark quagmire and with fiery eyes, Shadowmere is different from all beasts in the world. Not only sending players across one of the largest maps in the game world, Shadowmere also proves to be brave with him when he is ready to face all ferocious creatures in the game. Is that the bravest horse in the world yet?

Epona – The legend of Zelda

Special ability: likes to listen to music

Reviewing all the games that feature horses, Epona has truly become a great icon all the time. Epona’s story comes from when he was a “aunt” on the Lon Lon farm, going through a series of unusual events and time travel, Epona has become a companion of a character. Another “legend” in the game world: Link.

Invincible – World of warcraft

Special ability: Immortal, able to fly

Invincible bonded his life with Prince Arthas Menethil, who would later become the death knight and the Lich King – one of the most powerful villains in the game world. Originally a gift to Arthas, Invincible has been the prince’s companion since the age of nine. Ten years later, Invincible died suddenly, causing Arthas extreme pain. After acquiring the cursed sword Frostmourne, becoming the death knight and killing King Terenas, Arthas returned to the Invincible’s grave and revived it from the pile of bones. From here on out, Invincible lived up to its real name: “Undefeated”.

Pegasus – God of war II

Special ability: Flying

Pegasus, a legendary creature coming out of Greek mythology, was too famous in many games or movies. In God of war II, Pegasus was sent by the goddess Gaia to help Kratos in his journey of revenge against the gods. With flaming wings, this mythical horse has brought war god Kratos to places where mortals cannot go. In the movie titles Clash and Wrath of the Titans, Goddess Persius certainly could not have made porridge without the help of Pegasus.