The famous horses in the game (Part 1)

Join us with horses that are known to many gamers in the offline gaming world.

Geryon – Devil may cry 3

Special ability: Time travel

Horse-drawn wagons, in the 21st century, can only be seen in weddings, but Geryon has appeared in the game Devil may cry 3: Dante’s awakening released in 2005 and brought an extremely impressive image. style. Geryon has the full name of Geryon the Timesteed, and the name says it all, the most special ability that this ghost brings is time travel carrying a huge carriage. coated back. The name Geryon is borrowed from Greek mythology, which refers to a giant monster that is the grandson of Poseidon and Medusa.

The Boss character’s horse – Metal gear Solid 3: Snake eater

Special ability: No.

Belonging to the Spanish Andalusian race, with no name and no special abilities, the Boss character’s horse is the most common on this list. However, it plays an important role throughout the plot of the Metal gear Solid series, a witness to the remnants of a former hero. This horse appeared emotionally after a one-to-one battle between Solid Snake and Boss – who was both a master and a friend and later stood on the edge of the front line with the main character. The final boss battle in Metal gear Solid 3: Snake eater is also one of the most moving scenes in the game world.

Ruin – Darksiders

Special ability: Non-object penetration, unrivaled power

Dogs are his best friend, but as an apocalyptic hero you will definitely need Ruin. In addition to being an efficient means of transport in the vast world, this fiery four-sided ghost Ruin gives its owner the best he can: unrivaled power, the ability to devastate periods giant and 2 nostrils wheezing.

Rapidash – Pokemon series

Special ability: Launching a fireball, the world’s hottest “hot” mane

Rapidash was one of the first 150 Pokemon, from a time when people could even catch all and remember their names. So even though the current world of pokemon is many times bigger than before, and Rapidash is no longer the only horse-type pokemon, it still occupies a certain position in the hearts of fans.