The Excitement of the Races

There are many components to a horse race which raises the level of excitement of the spectators. It is such a big sport in many countries that it is most intriguing to see just how those watching these races are so enthused.

The Follow Up

Even after the race has finished, the day doesn’t end there for many guests. It is common for spectators to gather after the race has finished and have some grand discussions about the highlights of the race itself. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s the punters who have come out victorious, or those who need to wait for another day for a win, the mood is light and jovial.

The Dress Code

Many look forward to the most prestigious races throughout the UK and plan well ahead for how they are going to dress. Each race attended is a good excuse for most to dress in their finest, where they get to show off their attire. For women, especially in the UK, it is common practice to wear beautiful and sometimes very colourful hats. A prime example of dressing for the races is the Royal Ascot. In some areas, there is a relaxed dress code such as at the Windsor enclosure.

Races in the UK have become quite a social event. Of course, the races themselves are the highlight of the day, but the before and after plays a vital role in this form of entertainment.


With such large crowds and the number of alcoholic refreshments which flow, it has meant that organisers have had to step up their security measures. They want everyone to enjoy the most of what these events have to offer, but they also want to keep a safe environment.

It is most interesting to note that the prestige and popularity of the racing events have never faded and appears just to keep on growing.