The coach trains the horse to go to the spa with a mask, a relaxing mud bath

This is a unique idea of ​​a horse trainer from England, as a gift for two horses Albert and Ernie on a hot summer day.

Summer is a time when all over the world experiences a hot, fiery summer. People mostly just want to stay in a cold room, limit their exposure to sunlight, animals also find ways to escape the heat. Some animals are lucky to be helped by people to cool down in the hot summer, such as the case of two ponies (a dwarf horse), Albert and Ernie in Devon County, England.

2 chú ngựa tận hưởng ngày nghỉ xả hơi với dịch vụ spa cao cấp do Emma chuẩn bị.

It was so hot that Albert and Ernie’s owner, Emma Massingale, 35, who was also a professional horse trainer, decided to take a break from their practice and instead gave both of them a relaxing spa at the garden. Emma has carefully prepared the steps from facial to body care for Albert and Ernie.

Because horses love to roll around in the mud, Emma prepared for each a mud mask and clay mask, accompanied by 2 pieces of cucumber to cool the eyes. Meanwhile, she did not forget to take care of their hooves with animal-friendly paint. As for the body, Emma used hot stones to apply on Albert and Ernie’s bodies before bathing them in the jacuzzi.

Sau công đoạn đắp mặt nạ làm đẹp da...

Not only that, Albert and Ernie are also groomed, wavy curls extremely stylish. Needless to say, these two horses are excited, not only get a comfortable day not to exercise in the hot weather but also take care of your teeth like this.

In addition to her horse training experience, Emma was the first English person to develop a language that could help her communicate with horses, including difficult-to-treat individuals, anytime, anywhere. The coach shared that she loves building strong relationships with animals and cherishing every moment of playing with them.