Stripes on the zebra’s body are decoded

Do you know the meaning as well as the benefits of stripes on the body of zebra? If you don’t know, let’s find out in this article!

Stripes will help protect the zebra from predators by creating optical illusions.

After using a research computer model, scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia discovered that zebra stripes can create optical illusions when an animal moves, helping it avoid the attack of the animal. Many types of predators and insects are parasitic. The research results are published in the journal Zoology, BBC reported.

Scientists previously said that zebra stripes have the function of transmitting social signals, camouflaging at dawn or sunset in a grassland environment.

In this study, Professor Johannes Zanker of the University of London, UK and colleagues looked at how zebras confuse predators and parasites based on image analysis, video footage.

The results show that when the zebra moves, it creates a perception of false information for the viewer. Humans and many other animals have a motion detection nervous system based on object lines, so it is easy to misunderstand and misjudge the animal’s movement. For example, when rotating the wheel clockwise to reach a certain speed, it feels like the wheel is spinning in the opposite direction.

“Wide diagonal stripes on the sides, narrow stripes on the back and neck of the zebra cause hallucinations when the animal moves, especially in a large herd of zebras. This helps to distract predators, distort the access of the parasite, ”said Martin, PhD at the University of Queensland, Australia.

He also added: “The results have a great significance in studying patterns in animals, many species of virgin fish or snakes also use body color to hide. People can apply to camouflage warships or battle on a large scale.