Palio Horse Racing Festival – A unique culture of Siena

Palio Horse Racing Day – one of the most impressive and expected festivals on the planet is held in the city of Siena – Italy.

The festival began in 1644 and is held every 2 July and 16 August between the districts of the city of Siena in honor of the Virgin Mary. Only 10 of the 17 counties will participate in the festival, each with one horse and one rider.

Đua ngựa palio

Taking place at Piazza de Campo – Siena central square, the Palio festival will take you back to medieval times in Europe with riders dressed in costumes and symbols of each district, horse riding does not win resting on the dirt and gravel race, the horse who finishes first will bring victory to his district. However, the race will become extremely harsh when there are always riders ridden from their horses. With such excitement, excitement and excitement, the Palio festival attracts more than 10,000 people every year.

Before the race officially takes place, there will be 6 trial runs a few days earlier to get the horses familiar with the track and the crowd. The first test run takes place on the evening of the horse selection (usually on June 29 or August 13) and the last takes place on the morning of the official race day. The test races also attracted the attention of many people.

Sự va chạm lớn trong cuộc đua

The official race takes place at 7 or 7:30 pm – one of the most anticipated nights of the Siena people. Only 3 laps around the square, in a very short time but are the most intense, nervous and finally bursting moments of joy of victory.

The prize for the winner is the flag of Our Lady with the winner’s name. But the greatest reward is the glory he has brought to his village. After the race, there were continuous parties, singing and dancing for a few days.

With its unique features, Palio is not just a festival but it has become a heart, a culture, a religion and an integral part of the spiritual life of the Siena.