Knowledge of horse hair color you should know (Part 1)

Coat color is the color of the coat expressed on the appearance of the equine family (domestic horses, zebras, wild horses, asses, mules and hybrids).

The most common is horse breed at home, through the process of artificial selection by man to create a variety of hair colors according to each breed’s name. Coat color is a special trait that played a major role in the very early days of horse domestication and selection began. There are many breeds of horse with different coat colors such as white, black, yellow, chestnut. Feather color is mainly used to identify species, because the number of genes that regulate coat color is quite large, difficult to fix.

While many wildlife species have a relatively similar (uniform) coat color, domestic animals, such as horses, have many different types of coat color. This is largely due to the difference in wildlife selection from the captive breeding population. The whole body of the horse is covered with a short, fine coat, but the hair above the neck (mane), behind the heel and tail is very long, slightly ruffled. Most horse species have only one color of coat, although there are diverse colors: white, pink, yellow, gray, brown, black. A few species have 2-4 colors of coat (horseshoe or guinea pig) even multiple coat colors (five colors). African zebras have black background feathers with white or yellow stripes highlighting the alternating white stripes.

Horses have many colors, so there are other names to describe each other according to the color of the coat. There are many colors available in different colors for each individual horse. Horses are species that have the inherent characteristic of coat color, so there are a few words to describe them. In horses the basic coat colors are chestnut, pink and black. The color shift of the three primary colors is due to the interaction effect of alleles co-occurring. The most commonly recognized colors are sepia, black, brown, chestnut (pink), greyish brown, cream, Palomino (yellow and white), or gray. Palomino is a general noun to refer to a type of horse with a iridescent platinum-white color (roughly called a golden-white horse). There are many colored animals with many cavities (often called spots), white and pink (also known as painted horse), brown specks are found in the horse (Appaloosa horse).