Interesting facts about the horse you may not have known (Part 2)

When the foal is born about 7 days, there will be 4 incisors (2 premolars, 2 lower incisors). After 8 weeks the horse starts to teething and they will have enough baby teeth by 8 months of age.

About 1 time later, the horse’s baby teeth will gradually fall out, about 2.5 years old, the horse will have permanent incisors. By 5 years old will have enough teeth. The mare has about 40 teeth, and the mare has about 36 teeth.

Currently, the largest eye species of any mammal, horse eyes are on both sides of the face, giving them a wide field of view. It is quite special that horses can see at night as clearly as during the day. This strange thing scientists have yet to find a way to explain. Horses are herbivores but do not ruminate because the horse’s stomach does not have as many compartments as cows, buffaloes, etc. Horses usually secrete about 20 to 80 liters of saliva per day to aid in digesting food.

Horse’s age and fertility

Depending on the breed of horse, as well as habitat, food, etc. That horse lifespan differs. But on average horses have about 20 to 30 years of life.

Then male horses are sexually mature when they are 36 to 40 months old. And after 48 months of age, the male horse is put into mating.

The mare is in heat for the first time from 20 to 22 months of age, until 36 months to mate the mare. Mares gather in heat every February to June and the horse’s estrous cycle is from 22 to 24 days.

Pregnant mares last about 300 to 340 days. Mares usually give birth to a horse, foals are capable of standing and running after a short time of birth. Horses entering 4 years of age are considered an adult horse.

The economic value of horses to humans

Horses are known to be easy to breed and breed. Horses are used for a variety of purposes, from plowing fields and cargo to sports. To this day, horse farming has become a highly profitable industry for humans.

In the US alone, about 4.6 million people work in the livestock industry and bring high profits to the economy. Each year there is a turnover of about 40 billion USD from the horse species. There are 58 million horses in the world today and in the future, the number of horses raised will also increase significantly.

Horses are animals that have been associated with our human life for a long time in history. The horse becomes the animal, the faithful servant, a friend of man.