Information about horse racing helmets you may not know (Part 1)

Horse racing is a very unique adventure sport, but the incidence of injury is also very high. Therefore, when racing people, players need to carefully prepare protective tools to avoid unintended injuries.

Horse racing helmets are an important and indispensable item. The following article will inform you about Mongolia’s horse racing helmet and horse racing festival. 

Horse racing helmet requirements you should know

When using a racing helmet, you need to know the requirements necessary to protect the body. Hats must meet the standards. As follows:

The special thing about the design

A basic feature of a racing helmet is that it is often smaller and more compact than conventional helmets. The back of the hat will usually be longer than the front. The goal is to make the scalp airier and prevent the risk of sweating, a sense of urgency when playing. The helmet is made from ABS plastic of international standard, lightweight and extremely convenient, supporting you a lot in matches.

Mũ bảo hiểm đua ngựa đúng chuẩn theo quy định

In unintended circumstances, a horse racing helmet will protect you from injury if you accidentally fall or encounter an obstacle. Especially for injuries from above. The foam inside the hat is very thick and tightly pressed together. They are capable of absorbing linear forces that reduce the force of collision with obstacles. In addition to the horse racing, you can use this hat to ride a motorbike for short distances, bike or play sports.

Details on horse racing helmets

Horse racing helmets in addition to foam to protect the output, there is an extra layer of padding around the head ring and strap. Just like the styrofoam in the hat, the padding around the head is made to limit injury rates for players. The padding also helps to open the scalp to avoid a sense of urgency and discomfort during long-distance horse races.

Trên mũ bảo hiểm đua ngựa có thêm lớp xốp rất tiện lợi

Typically this buffer will have two types. One has a sweat-absorbing effect, the other is designed to be longer inside than the outside. With this type of cushion, your scalp will always be dry and cool. Especially when sweating, bacteria are very easy to penetrate into the scalp, causing harm to health. The other type will help keep your hair always sticky, not ruffled or messed up during competition.