Horse riding guide in Minecraft

In Minecraft game, if you can tame a horse to ride, that’s great, right. Not only that, horseback riding in Minecraft helps you adventure, move in your Big World faster.

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If you have built yourself a big city, or luxury houses in Minecraft without a horse, it is a big mistake. This game will help you move quickly to rule the land you create. However, the way to catch and ride a horse is not as simple as many people think. So, we will have the following article to guide Minecraft lovers how to ride horses in the game.

To ride a horse in Minecraft game, you need a saddle, horse armor and golden carrot.

  1. Yellow Carrot.

Carrots in Minecraft help restore energy. One carrot can restore 3 food bars, and is also made into medicine.

To make Yellow Carrots you need 8 yellow seeds and one Carrot.

  1. Saddle.

Look for peace where Spawner is located or in the mines. You should check the cages in the cave to find the saddle.

  1. Horse Armor.

With tamed horses, you can wear horse armor to increase the defense of your pet. There are 3 types of armor to protect horses: iron armor that increases 20% protection ability, gold armor increases 28% protection ability and diamond armor increases 44% ability to protect horses.

You need to tame a horse to own it. Come closer, feed the horse yellow carrots. Use bare hands, do not use weapons and right click on the horse. Until the heart icon appears, you can ride a horse.

When the horse has accepted your control, press the E key to check and equip the horse.

With the instructions just now, Minecraft players should be able to catch the horses, right.

If it is too difficult to play Minecraft, you can also sometimes use Minecraft code to overcome the challenges. Because this game is quite complicated, if you let the player self-reliant without using Minecraft code, it is very difficult to build big cities for themselves.

In addition to horses, you can also tame other Pet in Minecraft game. But before catching a Pet, you need to find out what animals there are and for each type of Pet. It will be very useful for you to build a farm with dozens of different animals. And in Minecraft you should also know more about some tips for making pills, with tips on making drugs in Minecraft will help you learn more about the game as well as the drugs in the game.

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