Horse racing in the US lost revenue, paralyzed by the Covid-19 epidemic

The American mafia gangs lost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in many big cities.

Mafia gangs live well in the US for the past 100 years, despite a series of suppression campaigns by the government. However, they are now paralyzed and facing an unprecedented crisis over the Covid-19 epidemic.

The New York Post quoted some US law enforcement agencies as saying that many sports tournaments were delayed and canceled, wiping out an important source of income, up to tens of millions of dollars of the mafia gangs. It is gambling and illegal betting.

Nearly every sport in the US has been frozen, from the NBA, MLB, Mardch Madness to the NHL, MLS and horse racing and golf tournaments. Many American gamblers have turned to pouring money into African cricket and Australian football matches. But until now, this source of illegal betting has also been paralyzed.

Other sources of income for the American mafia also dried up. Restaurant surcharges decline when restaurants are forced to close, only serving delivery service. Construction site guarantees also evaporated in New York and many cities as local authorities ordered all unnecessary projects to be stopped.

“Construction is a major source of income for the mafia,” said an American law enforcement official. In addition, criminal gangs make money from businesses such as trucking and seaports.

With most businesses shutting down, the US criminal system struggled.

The US police said that when revenues dry up, the mafia will focus on drug transportation and trafficking. The global drug industry is still active even though the world is paralyzed by the virus epidemic originating in Wuhan (Hubei province, China).

“The number one concern of the mafia gangs is no longer gambling but drugs,” an official emphasized. However, with the closing of bars, nightclubs and nude clubs, drug consumption is affected.

In 2002, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimated that the US mafia gangs make about $ 90 billion a year.