Famous Racing Horses

There are many different parts of a horse race which make the event even more special. Over the years, many horses have become famous for the way that they have performed in certain races.

The Racing Components

Some of the most important components which make horse racing so popular are, of course, the horse and the jockey. Then, added to this is a long list of other contributors, such as the owners and trainers of the horses, and the fans themselves. Then, most often, there is something extra special that can take place at a race that can take the excitement to another level.

Famous Horses

Everyone who is attending a race always wants to know which horses are the favourites. Often the attention is put on those horses who have gained a name for themselves. There is a long list of these.

Phar Lap

This name means “lightning” which is most fitting for this horse which was bred in New Zealand. Most of his fame came about as a result of his racing for four years in Australia. He had 37 wins out of 51 races and was able to set eight track records. In 1932 he became ill and died. Many years later it was discovered that Phar Lap had digested a large amount of arsenic shortly before his death. It was believed that gangsters had poisoned the horse.

War Admiral

This horse was one of the sons of the very famous Man O War and lived up to his father’s name. He became the horse of the year in 1937. Initially, he had trouble at the starting gate, but he eventually overcame this.


This horse started out with some amazing feats and was so impressive that he was being considered as the biggest threat in the Triple Crown. At least until an unfortunate accident caused him to fracture three bones in his leg.