Famous Jockeys

Many different people are required to make a horse racing event a successful one. Of course, without the horses, there would not be such events, but just as talented are the jockeys who bring them in for the wins. Throughout the years, there have been many jockeys who have become famous within this industry.

The Dream

Many jockeys have wanted this type of career for years on end. For most, it is not just a spur of the moment decision. There are some riders who claim they have dreamed of becoming a jockey right from their childhood years.

Lester Pigott

A name which is becoming a legend in the flat racing category of UK racing. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed 4493 victories. In the British Classic series, he has racked up 30 wins. He was only eighteen when he got his first Derby win, in 1954, when he brought Never Say Die in for the victory.

Frankie Dettori

When it comes to popularity as a jockey, the name Frankie Dettori is what is going to come to mind. This is as a result of the seven wins he had in 1996 on British Champions Day. He has earned the praise of Lester Pigott as being the best jockey still performing. He has 17 classic wins and is known to have ridden 100 winners in a season, which was only previously achieved by Pigott.

Ryan Moore

Ryan currently has eleven classic wins. His first victory came when he was sixteen years old. It was riding Miss Fara which brought him his first significant win in 2002. By the end of 2017, he had reached the 2000 race milestone, which is a clear testament of him being the third place holder for the most active jockey.

There are many more who could be added to this list.