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Interesting facts about the horse you may not have known (Part 1)

In this article, we will introduce the most detailed information about the horse including: classification, characteristics, feed. Horses are wise and loved by humans. Horses have been with humans since ancient times, horses can understand human voices,

Best Horse Races Around the World

Although the UK is well known for hosting some of the best horse races in the world, there are many others which take place in all parts of the globe. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe In its

Best Horses for Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports which has been enjoyed for centuries. There are several different breeds of horse that can be top performers in this particular sport. Arabian Horse Many will say that the

Biggest Horse Races in the UK

The UK is recognised worldwide for hosting some of the best horse racing events. Most of the races which are held are very popular, but some are bigger than others. The most well known are the two

Epsom Derby

Although there are many exciting and famous horse races which place throughout the world and especially the UK, one that goes towards the top of the list is the Epsom Derby. The 2019 Event Every year that

Famous Jockeys

Many different people are required to make a horse racing event a successful one. Of course, without the horses, there would not be such events, but just as talented are the jockeys who bring them in for

Famous Racing Horses

There are many different parts of a horse race which make the event even more special. Over the years, many horses have become famous for the way that they have performed in certain races. The Racing Components

The Excitement of the Races

There are many components to a horse race which raises the level of excitement of the spectators. It is such a big sport in many countries that it is most intriguing to see just how those watching

Types of Horse Races in the UK

For those individuals who are just starting to show an interest in the sport of horse racing, they will soon discover that there are different types of racing. Most soon form a favourite after they have had