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3 British players were charged with betting on horse racing

Three British players are among the nine who have been charged with engaging in fraudulent betting practices, giving bribes at a British horse racing tournament called the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). According to the agency, three players:

The billion dollar horse racing industry in Ireland faces difficulties

Brexit and the trade and travel barriers that it entails are causing concern for horse traders and trainers in Ireland, where the equestrian industry is closely tied to the UK. A year after the fateful votes of

Reputation of Horse Racing in England

Horse racing began in the ancient kingdom of the Greeks. And like a number of other situations in history, this sport was passed on to the Romans, who might have found their passion for the sport. The

The average salary of a horse rider

The competitive horse racing world would be impossible without jockeys, even though they were only in the limelight for a short time, when they won a Triple Crown race. Most jockeys are not necessarily people with high