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What do you know about wild horses? (Part 3)

Horses live the longest and live in the highest place These are the South African zebra and the wild hartman zebra. In fact, these are two subspecies of African zebras, but between them there are still mixed

What do you know about wild horses? (Part 2)

The most breeding and purebred horse in the world. They are pregoaski, a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horses native to the Central Asian steppes, especially Mongolia. Once considered extinct, the pregoaski has been reintroduced into

What do you know about wild horses? (Part 1)

Many species of horses in the world have appeared in human life with the effects of transporting people and goods, pulling cars, making war horses, and racing horses. However, there are only four very endangered species that

The world’s most beautiful volleyball goddess loves horseback riding

Volleyball fans were amazed at the beauty of the athlete Sabina Altynbekova’s sister. Sabina Altynbekova, 24 years old, 1m82 tall is not an outstanding volleyball batter but thanks to her outstanding beauty she has become one of

Stripes on the zebra’s body are decoded

Do you know the meaning as well as the benefits of stripes on the body of zebra? If you don’t know, let’s find out in this article! Stripes will help protect the zebra from predators by creating

Knowledge of horse hair color you should know (Part 2)

In horses, there are four main colors: Black horse: dark black, light black, jet black. Rose horse: purple, dark brown, light brown, chestnut, chocolate, light chocolate. Gray horse: dark gray, light gray, white gray. White horse: pure

Knowledge of horse hair color you should know (Part 1)

Coat color is the color of the coat expressed on the appearance of the equine family (domestic horses, zebras, wild horses, asses, mules and hybrids). The most common is horse breed at home, through the process of

Interesting facts about the horse you may not have known (Part 2)

When the foal is born about 7 days, there will be 4 incisors (2 premolars, 2 lower incisors). After 8 weeks the horse starts to teething and they will have enough baby teeth by 8 months of

Horse racing in the US lost revenue, paralyzed by the Covid-19 epidemic

The American mafia gangs lost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in many big cities. Mafia gangs live well in the US for the past 100 years, despite a

The Tiger Roll completely turned on as Elliott considered surprise returning to the Apartment

According to manager Gordon Elliott, the Tiger Roll, the most popular jumping horse during training, could return to play unexpectedly on Flat at Navan next week. 1st place Ladbrokes champion Chase was mentioned as a possible destination