Bill Gates’ daughters are passionate about horse racing

Jenifer Gates, Norwegian billionaire Alexandra Andresen or the expensive American heir Georgina Bloomberg all share a passion for horse racing.

Alexandra Andresen (23 years old) – the youngest daughter of billionaire Johan H. Andresen – has for many years been the youngest billionaire in the world. She owns a fortune of 1.2 billion USD when her father transferred her 42.2% stake in Ferd investment company – one of the largest private companies in Norway. Despite being rich, the Andresen maiden chooses a modest, frugal lifestyle. 9X’s biggest passion is horse racing.

Alexandra has a great love for horses. She soon became a professional horse racer, and she always thought that she would spend her life pursuing a career in sports. 9X currently has 4 horses and has great love for them. The billionaire also won many awards in major races. Alexandra once shared the strong economy from her family was a great support for her when coming to this sport rich children, but money is not everything, the most important thing is passion. She has billions of dollars in assets, but she still buys old box drivers, uses the bonuses to buy the items she likes, not to spend it wastefully.

Without bragging about brands, without checking-in or showing off glamor, all of the photos on Alexandra’s personal page revolve around love for horses, races, adventures and happiness with family.

Jennifer Gates – famous athlete of the horse racing village. Girl born in 1996 began pursuing passion from the age of 6. To support his daughter, the billionaire spent $ 37 million to buy a farm in Florida (USA) for her to practice. Before that, since 2012, he spent $ 600,000 / month renting a house in Florida and 3 private planes to transport the whole family back and forth between Florida and Washington.

Jennifer was a Biology student at Stanford University (USA). After graduating, 9X spent a year focusing on horse racing. She is planning to continue her master’s degree in Public Health and is actively participating in charity activities.

In early February, Jennifer accepted a proposal from her boyfriend Nayel Nassar (born in 1991) after four years of dating. He is also a professional horse rider. “Nayel Nassar, you are the only one in my heart. You choose a very meaningful place among the countless places we have traveled together. I am eager to spend the rest of my life with you, growing old together, happily under one roof. One million times agreed”, wrote the female founder of Microsoft Corporation.

Georgina Bloomberg (born 1983) is the daughter of American billionaire Michael Bloomberg and second wife Susan. 8X became an expensive heir when her father owned a fortune of more than $ 52 billion . Georgina is a horse racing athlete and famous novelist.

The billionaire woman has won a number of races such as the 2014 Rolex Grand Prix Central Park, the team prize at the 2014 FEI Nations Cup Gijon 2014, the 2015 Grand Prix Wellington. She earns money and is less dependent on her family economy.

She said that participating in this sport comes from the love of animals. However, 8X has suffered many injuries during training and competition, due to a degenerative spinal disease that makes her more susceptible to back damage. In addition to the passion on horseback, the heiress also pursues a career in writing and regularly doing charity.