Biggest Horse Races in the UK

The UK is recognised worldwide for hosting some of the best horse racing events. Most of the races which are held are very popular, but some are bigger than others. The most well known are the two categories of races, which are the flat and the jump racing.

Flat Racing

This is the type of race which is run on a flat surface, and some of the most famous races in the UK are in this category.

  • 2000 Guineas Stakes: Considered to be the first of the British Classics. This race is held in May of each year and is a straight one-mile event. It is usually held at the Rowley Mile Course. Horses eligible for this race must be thoroughbreds which are three years old. The colts hold the record for the most wins since 1944, as they are the ones that are predominantly raced, although some fillies participate as well.
  • 1000 Guineas Stakes: The British Classic second race. It is run the day after the 2000 Guineas. Using the exact same course and distance, this is the championship race for the three-year-old fillies. It is also the first race in the fillies triple crown.
  • Epsom Oaks: This race is only for the three-year-old fillies and has been running since 1779. The track is 1 ½ mile and is considered to be one of the most prestigious races.

Jump Races

For many who love these events, they really enjoy the jump races, because there are more challenges which the horses have to face.

  • Grand National: This is classed as the most famous jump race throughout the world. The horses and riders are faced with many obstacles and also have to beat the clock.
  • Cheltenham Gold Cup: This is the closing event for the Cheltenham Festival. The race is comprised of 22 fences.