Best Horses for Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports which has been enjoyed for centuries. There are several different breeds of horse that can be top performers in this particular sport.

Arabian Horse

Many will say that the Arabian horse is the most popular breed of horse for racing. It has many attributes which put it into this category. This breed is known for its intelligence. They have good stamina, and they have a great disposition. The original home of the Arabian horse was the Arabian Peninsula, and the animal became introduced to other parts of the world as the result of trading and wars.


Many like to put the thoroughbred at the top of the list for the best racers. What some don’t realise is that their bloodline dates back to a breeding mix of Arabian, Barb and Turkoman stallions. The thoroughbreds have long legs and a strong body which sets them up for being great racers.

Quarter Horse

Formally known as the American Quarter Horse. It is one of the oldest breeds known in America and is recognised for its ability to sprint at high speeds for a distance of a quarter of a mile. It has been clocked at a speed of 88 km per hour. This breed has a lot of muscle.

Standard Bred

This breed can claim to be the most popular for harness racing and trotting. Sometimes they are called the Trotter Pacer. They have a well-developed body, and they are versatile, as they can be used for other equestrian sports.


Although it can be used for racing, this breed performs extremely well as a show horse and is often used for dressage. They are intelligent and like to learn. Their unique markings are often an attraction.


This breed is not seen as often on the flat races as some of the other horses, but they do show off their speed in other events.