Best Horse Races Around the World

Although the UK is well known for hosting some of the best horse races in the world, there are many others which take place in all parts of the globe.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

In its short form, it is called the Arc and is claimed to be one of the biggest horse races currently in existence. It is normally held at the Longchamp Racecourse. It has a purse of four million euros. This is a full-day event when everyone arrives early, filled with excitement as they enjoy some champagne and listen to some live music before the action starts. They even have something for the kids to enjoy, such as pony rides.

Dubai World Cup

Dubai is considered to be one of the newer countries to join the world stage for horse racing. They became recognised in 1996 with the inaugural race for the Dubai World Cup. It is known to be the richest horserace in the world with a purse of $10 million.

Royal Ascot

There can be many race meetings chosen to represent England, but a favourite is always Royal Ascot. This is not just a daily event but is held over a week and is made up of 16 racing groups. This is a favourite for the Queen and the royals to attend. In some areas, there is a strict dress code.

Kentucky Derby

Even for those who are not into the races, they will recognise the name of the Kentucky Derby. This is one of the most prestigious races in the US and is the first in line for the Triple Crown thoroughbred races. This race has been running since 1875 and is certainly one classed as historic.

The two other segments added to the triple crown are the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore and the Belmont Stakes.

There can be many more added to the list of the best and most favourite horse races worldwide.