Arturo Vidal: Love begins at the horse racing

After 5 years of living under one roof, Arturo Vidal will officially marry his girlfriend Maria Teresa Matus at the famous Club Hopico racecourse in Santiago de Chile with the participation of President Michelle Bachelet.

Before coming to Arturo Vidal, the beautiful Maria Teresa Matus was the girlfriend of the talented dancer Demis Reyes. Matus used the Juventus star on a horse racing tour at Club Hopico. It must be said that Vidal is very passionate about horse racing. He spends a lot of time watching races and betting on his favorite horses.

At home, Vidal owns a race of millions of peso racing horses that will be the main fishing rod of the Chilean midfielder after his retirement.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Arturo Vidal: làm đám cưới ở “chuồng ngựa”

However, the most precious gift that horse racing gives Arturo Vidal is not money, but it is Maria Teresa Matus. After meeting at the Club Hopico racetrack, Vidal tried to “attack” the beauties, despite Matus being the “owner-owned flower”. Heaven does not spare people, after a short time Maria Teresa Matus fell into the arms of the Juventus star.

Later, dancer Demis Reyes admitted that he suspected his girlfriend betrayed him when she saw her wearing an expensive diamond ring. When asked where the ring came from, Matus said he bought it out of pocket. Reyes said nothing, but inside he thought that not everyone who bought Vidal would come here.

Love starting at the Club Hopico racecourse is also bearing fruit here. After careful discussions with the two families, Arturo Vidal decided to hold a wedding at Club Hospice on December 27. According to the Chilean press, Vidal’s wedding ceremony will be a grand party with a budget of about 84,000 euros (more than 74 million Chilean pesos). In particular, the cost of making a wedding is 50,000 euros. In addition, Vidal lost more than 13,000 euros for the venue rental, 4,000 euros for light money, 8,000 euros for singer fees, 6,7000 euros for the groom and bride’s clothes. Even a song will be composed. just for the happy star Juventus’ day.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Arturo Vidal: làm đám cưới ở “chuồng ngựa”

About 500 people will be invited to Vidal’s wedding, including teammates at the Juventus club and the Chilean national team, friends, relatives … In particular, Vidal’s wedding ceremony is tinged with politics with the participation of special guests especially Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo and Government spokesman Alvaro Elizalde. The reason Vidal was able to invite these three distinguished guests was not only because he was a famous Chilean football star but he still had very good relationships with politicians, especially President Michelle Bachelet. Listen to where the Juventus star also encroached on the political arena after hanging on shoes.

Sharing about his grand wedding, Vidal excitedly said: “I had a great time with the woman of my life. We are one of the most beautiful couples, we have a happy family and I will go to church with the last woman I love.” In early March of this year, Maria Teresa Matus gave Vidal a cute daughter named Elisabetta. The other member of the Vidal family is a 4-year-old son named Alonso.