Welcome to a very informative site which is dedicated to horseracing in the UK and around the world. The information found here will be most interesting and educational for those who are just becoming involved in this sport or even for the more seasoned enthusiasts. Some of the highlights of what you are going to find here are as follows.

Most Famous Races

There are many famous horse races which take place in all parts of the world. Here we have collected some interesting information about just a few of the many. It will give an idea of just what this amazing sport is comprised of.

Horse Breeds

For those who are just getting involved in the horse races, it helps to know which breeds are best known for their racing abilities. Here we have gathered a list of these with a little bit of background about each of them.

Race Types

The great thing about horse races is that there are different types. We have a post here about the most common types of races and how popular they are.

Popular Horse Races

This post is a great one for those who want to know which races would be ideal to attend. It is definitely not an exhaustive list as there are many popular horse races to be enjoyed.

The Excitement of the Races

The post here about the excitement of the events focuses on all the extra enjoyment which comes with a day at the races.

There is much more to be enjoyed here as well.